Mobile Apps and Private Mobile Communities

and the automation to make them work for you!

The internet
is now mobile…
are you?

We make it all
simple works!

Over 10 years
experience helping
small businesses with
digital communication.

Professional work…
it's all we know!

The one constant in life is that things change, and that's a good thing. Change is an advantage when you are ready for it…Are you ready?

The world has changed... and the Revolution has begun.

There has been a fundamental shift in the way that we seek, access, and retrieve information. We have also fundamentally changed how we interact with each other and businesses. We have all become digital, mobile, and social. The world has, indeed, changed. But have your business systems, tools, and processes kept up with this change? Other than your website, what have you done to leverage the Digital Revolution that has forever changed how we communicate and market to consumers? As late as 2011, the Small Business Administration listed the lack of an effective website within the top 10 reasons that small businesses fail. But in 2012, a website is not nearly enough.


Forward thinking companies already know...

The MOBILE SOCIAL INTERNET is the new marketplace.

Why comF5?

comF5 offers offices and small businesses the tools to join or lead the Digital Revolution in your location, market or industry. comF5 offers the map and the guide to navigate in this new and changing digital world.

What does it cost you to be noticed, understood, trusted, and remembered
by your customers?
  • Time: To acquire a new and constantly changing skill?
  • Money: To acquire tools and training?
What does it cost if you DON'T acquire new skills and use different tools?
  • Fewer new sales
  • Lost customers
  • Less market share
  • Or worst of all, you will be completely ignored