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Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning. Blockchain. Smart Contracts.

A new wave of innovative companies and solutions

We have been waiting for the perfect storm

It has arrived!

The fundamentals of tech applications and companies are being refreshed!

We offer emerging companies and startups in the technology and human capital sectors an innovative growth and exit strategy.  Founders in our portfolio companies have the unique opportunity to own a piece of other exciting mutually venture-backed companies. Our centralized selection and shared-equity model allows us to strategically maximize market growth opportunities through the decentralized, adaptable, and targeted execution of our portfolio companies.

Where crowd funding minimizes the investment of the individual that helps to capitalize the launch of an innovative idea...
CapitalF5 maximizes the upside potential of its companies to find market success, with ZERO impact on the company's focus or their operations, and while adding no additional operational requirements.

The approach to capital investment in startups is being refreshed!



The next great business fundamental to be disrupted is TRUST.

Every industry and every business will be effected. The one constant in this storm of change is that PEOPLE, not machines , systems and services, will drive value.

The vision we see is very exciting. It calls us forward into that horizon knowing that the right people will make the difference.

The approach to identifying, quantifying, and applying human capital, is being refreshed!