About Us

comF5 has consolidated and simplified the requirements for a small business to use video marketing, video streaming, email marketing and mobile apps as a part of an integrated marketing effort.
Earl Mann, CEO comF5

Teamwork Making the Dream Work

When the missions of client and service provider are different, each organization will perform beneath its true potential. When the two missions are in alignment there is synergy. We take a single mission approach with each of our clients. We win…when you win!

Earl Mann - CEO, comF5 International


comF5 - Who Are We?

F5 - the command to refresh your screen. comF5 - a refresh in communication, community, and commerce. comF5 markets and distributes unique and integrated mobile and social marketing technologies for small businesses.

Founded in 2003, comF5 over the last nine years has leveraged its interactions with over 5,000 small businesses by assessing their marketing and communication needs. The result is the officeF5 product suite. officeF5 is a cloud-based integration of the core components required for effective digital marketing and communications.

Features of the officeF5 include: video hosting, marketing and management, email marketing, mobile marketing, video broadcasting, and webinar capabilities. officeF5 eliminates the need to learn, maintain, or operate multiple disjointed systems.

In October 2011, comF5 added touchPRO mobile phone applications to its service offerings. By responding to the interests and needs from small businesses to take their businesses mobile, touchPRO apps are customized phone applications optimized for the small business and the industries in which they operate. touchPRO applications are available for iPhone, Android and HTML5 platforms.

Our Philosophy

We believe that there is one pervasive constant in business - that nothing is constant, everything changes. It is our ability to understand, anticipate, and leverage change that will become our single greatest asset. We have built our company culture, our tools, and our services around this simple idea. We foster, support, and celebrate the character and skill set required to be both agents of, and champions in, a constantly changing market.

Our Mission

We believe that a nation's economy rests on the shoulders of small businesses - men and women so committed to their ideas and dreams that they create an enterprise to give it life. And in the process, they create jobs, providing millions with the means to provide for themselves and their families. Our mission is to help one million small businesses move into the Digital Age.

The free content provided by will be informative, educational, and intuitive information on five critical areas of business: Internet Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Social Business, Video Communications, and Sales. Each subject area will be approached across three category types: Strategy and Tactics, Technology and Tools, and Consumer Behavior.

The Dream Team

We constantly remind ourselves that we are all a part of the same interconnected system: employees, partners, and clients. We constantly look for ways to leverage the unique strengths and capabilities of everyone in our network in noncompetitive ways. We believe that the simple idea of "Teamwork Making the Dream Work" is more than a catchy phrase. We hold that idea to our absolute core and founding principles to guide us and use it daily to validate with whom and how we do business.

Teamwork is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.