mobiPRO Add-on

Add the power of text messaging to your officePRO account for a total integrated internet, email and text messaging solution. mobiPRO gets your marketing message seen!
mobiPRO Features Overview

Let's face it, everyone now has a cell phone or a smartphone. Texting has become one of the fastest growing forms of communication in telecommunication history! With many research firms now pointing to open rates that exceed 80% within the first 5 minutes of delivery, the potential for responsive communication is staggering. mobiPRO is not just about allowing you to send out text campaigns, it's also about making your business' services convenient to your customers and potential customers. It's much easier for them to text your simple keyword than it is for them to fill out a form to join your loyalty programs, discount clubs, or even your mailing list. mobiPRO can also eliminate the need for you to have someone manually load contact information from business cards or registration cards.

mobiPRO also allows you to organize your communication through your usage of your special keywords. You can control your customized message to people who text to your custom keyword. You can change your keyword or get multiple keywords. We have fully integrated mobiPRO in the powerful automated follow-up system of officePRO that lets you leverage text, email marketing, video email and CRM management of contacts in a single system!

Whether you decide that it's best for you to use mobiPRO to make outbound announcements or to help you get valuable customer data into a marketing system at just pennies per text, it's easy to see why mobiPRO has become an exciting new addition to business communication and marketing.



Per Month

  • 200 SMS Messages
  • One Keyword
  • Overages Per SMS ($USD)
Initial Fee


Per Month

  • 500 SMS Messages
  • Three Keyword
  • Overages Per SMS ($USD)
Initial Fee


Per Month

  • 2500 SMS Messages
  • Six Keyword
  • Overages Per SMS ($USD)
Initial Fee
mobiPRO is an optional add-on to officePRO for those who want a seemless integration between SMS marketing and email marketing. You must have an active officePRO account to purchase MobiPRO.